Heating Elements for industries

Air Duct Electric Heaters


Air Heating Duct Heaters (standard type / Safe Area) GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS The standard electric Air Duct heaters (with finned and smooth heating elements), for Safe Area applications, are suitable for use in countless applications and industrial processes to create air or gas flows at controlled temperature...

Anticondensation Ex-proof Air Ducts Electric Heaters

General description

The air duct electric heaters with ATEX certified electric connections head , are heaters commonly used in conditions of limited pressure (less than 0.2 bar) and forced circulation.
They are constituted by heating elements blocks (finned or non-finned) specifically designed and manufactured to offer high performances and at the same time, a high heat exchange.....

Thermoregulation skids and complete fan heaters

General characteristics

Used as process and finishing electric heaters tool kits and, the thermoregulation skids are units used to transfer heat...

Electric panels

Upon client’s specification and based on the system requirements where the electric heater manufactured by us will be installed (electric heat exchanger), we can supply control electric panels with different functions; among the most importan...

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